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The Cost of Laying Ceramic Tiles in the Pittsburgh Area for The Bathroom & Kitchen

IVS Construction is an experienced tile laying contractor. Certified in ceramic tile installation in the
Pittsburg area. Laying tiles on walls and floors for your kitchen and bathroom. Fill out the form now and
get a free quote.

IVS Construction is an experienced tile laying contractor. Our craftsmen are certified in tile installation,
adhering to the highest standards and can dismount original plumbing and mount new plumbing to
install the tiling. Furthermore, our craftsmen carefully install layouts, rub the seams to an ideal state, as
well as applying material to adjoining plumbing fixtures and filling in corner pieces (diagonal), all the
while laying down the material to the required surface without leaving any gaps or empty spaces.



The cost of laying down ceramic tiles in the Pittsburgh area will be discussed directly with the owner, as
well as discussing the material needed to be used at the date of consultation. At IVS Construction, we
also install mosaic tiling. Our company is ready to provide our clients with the full redevelopment of
living rooms, planning for installation of additional walls, doors, plumbing, assistance in choosing the
color, size, and style of the materials, and much more.


Our craftsmen are accredited with the highest level of professionalism and experience, skillfully
adhering to the guidelines and practice with the acquired knowledge and skills to which the customer
remain 100% satisfied with the result. The cost of labor is dis
cussed at the first-visit consultation and is
agreed upon with the homeowner on a case-by-case basis, as it all depends on the selected materials
and the square footage of the space where the tiling required. Your kitchen, bathroom, office space,
sauna, swimming pool will be perfect and how you always dreamt of after working with IVS


Consultation with the tiling master, as well as measuring of the space and calculation of labor is free of
charge upon our first visit.

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